About Us

Newkeyz is all about “New Movers.” What’s a New Mover? A New Mover is anyone who is moving from one home to another – whether it’s a new apartment, a first time homebuyer or a snowbird spending their winters in warmer environments. If you’re moving someplace new, you’re a New Mover.

What’s so great about New Movers? – 23 million households move each year in the US representing over 40 million people…and these movers spend upwards of $170 BILLION dollars annually on goods and services around their move. With every move comes the need for new products and services to help movers settle in to their new homes. Looking for a new sofa, kitchen appliances, or a cable provider? Perhaps you need local childcare, or are looking for a new veterinarian or you just want to try out the restaurants in your new town.

Buying Power – With this kind of buying power it’s no wonder that retailers, service providers and just about every business owner want to get their goods and services in front of these high spending consumers. We use our collective buying power to bring movers unique offers and discounts when you need them most – during your move.

All in One Place – Newkeyz offers goods and services that help make your moving journey easier, with deep discounts and special offers across all product groups and categories so you don’t have to search all over the web for what you’re looking for.

New Movers Only – Newkeyz is the only marketplace focused solely on the New Mover. New Movers are by their very nature hard to find and therefore hard to market to because they are…well they’re moving. We partner with all types of businesses from national retailers and big box stores…to local businesses and restaurants to bring you special offers and deals specific to the New Mover life-stage.