Smart Home Security - $0 Activation, Free Installation + $50 Gift Card

Call 1-877-797-2788 for plan information.

Smart Home Security - $0 Activation, Free Installation + $50 Gift Card

Call 1-877-797-2788 for plan information.

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Vivint’s Doorbell Camera:

Vivint Doorbell Camera detects, auto-records, and notifies you when someone approaches your door. A wide-angle lens and night vision record clear video 24/7, so porch pirates don’t escape undetected. Built-in two-way talk gives you the option to warn bandits off. 


Smart Locks:  

Kwikset Smart Locks let you control your front door on Vivint Smart Home mobile from the gym, the coffee shop, or the office. Plus, you can set mobile alerts for when you forget to lock up. That way hectic mornings don’t become entire days fretting you left the door unlocked. 


SkyControl Panel:  

Vivint SkyControl Panel brings all your home security controls together onto one touch-screen dashboard. The intuitive layout makes navigating between your various devices effortless. And the two-way talk with one-touch callout gives you a direct communication link to Vivint Smart Home security monitoring teams. 


Amazon Echo:

Amazon Echo keeps you in control of your Vivint Smart Home automation system even when you let go of the reins. With Echo, your busy
hands don’t need to reach for your phone. Just ask Alexa to adjust thermostats, lighting, appliances, or security systems on the fly. 


Smart Sensors:

Vivint Smart Sensors protect any entry point an intruder might come through, not just your front door. The security alarm sounds any time a protected entry point opens unexpectedly. Alarms send alerts to your Vivint SkyControl Panel, Vivint Smart Home mobile app, and Smart Home Pros security monitoring teams. 


Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Vivint Carbon Monoxide Detectors use electrochemical sensors to alert you when toxic gasses reach hazardous levels. That way a malfunctioning furnace won’t turn into a life-threatening situation. Unlike stand-alone security devices, all our sensors connect to Vivint Smart Home Cloud to give you easy monitoring and support.

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